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Yun Kim Population Research Lab

Since its inception in 1968, The Yun Kim Population Research Laboratory (PRL) has served as a center for demographic research and training at Utah State University. Today, the primary mission of the PRL is to stimulate and support quality scientific research on a range of population issues affecting our state, nation and world. Research productivity among our faculty facilitates another key mission of the PRL – to train and mentor the next generation of applied demographers and population scholars through the M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Sociology. Through seminars and research support, the PRL serves to create a vibrant community of population scholars at Utah State University.

October of 2018 marked the Lab's fiftieth anniversary. In honor of this important milestone, we held a day-long event to highlight where our graduates have gone and research our graduates have done. The event included several brief talks and ended with a reception honoring the founder of the Lab and all our friends. 

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