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Academy Details

Police Academy certificates are offered in three college-credit modules: Special Function Officer (SFO), Basic Correctional Officer (BCO), and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Classes run from 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm five nights a week and also involve a few 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday trainings.

Special Function Officer

  • Nine-week program
  • 7 credit hours
  • SFO Certification prepares a student to work in a limited number of special function positions such as Security Officer.
  • Students must past the SFO module to continue to the second or third module

Basic Correctional Officer

  • Seven-week program
  • 5 credit hours
  • Successful completion of this module qualifies cadets to work at a county jail or at the state prison.

Law Enforcement Officer

  • Thirteen-week program
  • 11 credit hours
  • Completes the cadet training for LEO Certification - the more widely known police academy course
  • The 360 hours of training includes accident investigation, sex crimes investigation, firearms, crimes in progress, patrol, physical fitness and arrest control.
All teachers are certified POST instructors.