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Jessica Sonderegger

Jessica Sonderegger


Graduate Student

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Jessica Sonderegger is a first year master's student, under the direction of Dr. Christy Glass. Currently her research interests revolve around American workers, wages and working conditions. She is a small business owner, a local food advocate, and a recurring student - she claims it was due to a mid-pregnancy crisis - and the powerful influence of Glass herself - that directed Jessica in pursuing the field of sociology, after receiving her BA in journalism and communications. She has traveled very little, though her education has taken her across the state of Utah: Dixie State to University of Utah to Utah Valley University and finally to Utah State. Her interests and hobbies change often, but that is nothing more than "an honest attempt to be well rounded." She hopes to be among those who will fight for and influence the livelihood of the "everyday worker" as an employer, an employee, a consumer, a researcher, a spokesperson and as a woman.