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Claudia M. Wright

Claudia M. Wright


Graduate Student


Claudia is a Sociology doctoral student in the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology at USU. She is intrigued by the way women negotiate cultural definitions of femininity and motherhood. Her Master’s thesis explored the topic using symbolic interactionism and consumer culture theory to guide the analysis and methodology (qualitative). Other topics of interest include migration, popular culture, folklore, and Latin America.  

Originally from Bogotá (Colombia), Claudia earned her BA in Anthropology from Universidad de Los Andes and her M.Sc. in Communication from the University of Louisiana. In the advertising and marketing industry Claudia has conducted extensive qualitative research. Her research has been significant in developing and executing marketing strategies.

A fun fact about Claudia is that she practices figure skating, a sport that she loves. She also enjoys having travel adventures overseas with her “two favorite allies” – Her husband and her daughter.