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Jennifer Givens

Jennifer Givens


Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: Old Main 216E
Phone: 435-797-6368


Research and teaching interests: environmental sociology; global and comparative sociology; political economy; development and well-being; climate change

My research combines environmental sociology and comparative international sociology.  Broadly, I study coupled human and natural systems.  I investigate factors that impact environmental and social sustainability across nation-states, and I study how these relationships change over time.  In some of my research I investigate the extent to which sociological theories of global integration help explain variation in countries’ carbon intensity of well-being, which is a way to measure a country’s progress toward simultaneous environmental and social sustainability by asking how carbon intensely nation-states produce well-being for citizens.  This research addresses issues of inequality, human well-being, sustainability, and energy use, and it explores the connections between development and drivers of climate change. In other research I explore various forms of environmental concern and action and their causes and consequences, especially as they vary cross-nationally.  I am also interested in relationships between militarization and the environment.  My research is quantitative, and I employ both longitudinal and multilevel modeling techniques.