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Christy Glass

Christy Glass


Professor of Sociology, Interim Director of the Center for Intersectional Gender Studies & Research

Contact Information

Office Location: Old Main 224F
IconPhone: 435-213-0537



PhD, Sociology, Yale University

MPh, Sociology, Yale University

MS, Sociology, Yale University

BA, The University of Michigan



Gender, race/ethnicity, workplace inequality, organizations, bias



Dr. Glass joined USU in 2005 after completing her PhD in Sociology at Yale University. Her research and teaching focus on gender and racial/ethnic inequalities in work organizations. Her current research analyzes the factors that shape the careers of women and minority leaders as well as the organizational factors that limit mothers’ access to career advancement.

Dr. Glass has published widely in top journals in sociology and management including Social Forces, Work & Occupations, Gender & Society, Social Problems, Strategic Management Journal and Human Resource Management. Her work has also been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, National Public Radio, Huffington Post, CNN and the Harvard Business Review.


Awards & Honors

Center for Women & Gender Lifetime Achievement Award (2017)

USU Robin’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship (2017)

College Researcher of the Year Award (2017)

College International Researcher of the Year Award (2013)

USU’s Research Mentor of the Year Award (2011)

College Social Science Teacher of the Year Award (2008)

College Faculty Advisor of the Year Award (2007)