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Global Communication and Cultural Complex

THINK GLOBAL The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at USU has announced a campaign to raise $50 million in private funds to build a state-of-the art teaching and learning center on the Quad at Utah State University and invite you to join us in our effort.

At the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we believe lifelong learning is essential to leading a fulfilling and productive life. A growing number of institutions outside of academia do too. Many provide sabbaticals for employees and opportunities for professional development. The Global Communication and Culture Complex will blend traditional student teaching and research opportunities with new ventures that will allow us to engage non-profit and private sectors as well as other non-traditional student groups.

Phase One, the 127,000 square-foot Teaching and Learning Center, will serve as a destination learning center for language acquisition and cultural studies that foster understanding and informed leadership. To be effective global citizens, students need to be multilingual and aware of cultural traditions beyond their own. They must understand ethics and responsibility and know how to communicate with people with different backgrounds and beliefs. That is what studying at the Global Communication and Culture Complex will provide.

The problems of today will not be solved by one discipline alone. Collaboration helps to identify areas of weakness and of strength. By bringing together students, faculty, NGOs and private sector leaders, we can enhance and develop the problem-solving efforts to address the critical challenges of today and tomorrow. This pioneering complex focuses the relevance of modern communication, linguistics, politics, history, religion, and cultural studies in a global world.


The project will consolidate more than half of the CHaSS facilities into one building tucked behind the Ray B. West Building on the SW corner of the main Logan campus. Currently the college’s various programs and departments are spread across campus yet we are an integral part of the educational experience of every student at USU. The new Teaching and Learning Center will bring students and faculty together for greater collaboration and educational synergy. The project will house large lecture halls, small seminar rooms, and flexible teaching areas equipped with leading-edge technology to satisfy a variety of learning styles. And with classroom space currently at a premium, the building’s lecture halls will be available with a focus on the large survey courses offered by the college..

Pull out quotes

“We are the core piece of this university because of the amount of students who move through our system, and the unique education we provide.” —Dean John C. Allen, CHaSS State of the College Address, 2013

“This building will represent our commitment as a land grant university to student access and learning. And we are not asking for a dime of public money for this project.” —Dean John C. Allen

CHaSS Departments:

English, History, Journalism and Communication, Languages, Philosophy, Communication Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Religious Studies

CHaSS programs and services:

The Mountain West Center, Population Lab, Spatial Data Lab, The Museum of Anthropology, Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC), Intensive English Language Institute, Military Science (Army ROTC), Utah Public Radio

Building numbers:

• 127,000 GSF on Four Floors
• 2 Lecture Halls
– 200 Seat
– 300 Seat
• 15 Classrooms (35 to 80 Seats)
• 3 Seminar Rooms
• 60 Offices w/ support space for Faculty/Staff/Adjunct/Grad Students
• Group Study Rooms
• Commons spaces
– Café
– Atrium

The building will provide a centralized home for:

• Utah Public Radio
• Museum of Anthropology
• Humanitarian Center
• CHaSS Advising Office