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The Campaign for USU

The university launched its first comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2007, focused on garnering support for scholarships, professorships, and facilities across the university. At its close in 2012, the effort raised more than half a billion dollars to help ensure Utah State remains accessible for all who come to learn. Donations to the CHaSS Summer Drive will make a lasting difference in the successes of our faculty and students, and in the future of the college and university. However, not all of the department's funding needs were met during this historic campaign. We continue to seek support for our students in the form of scholarships and internships. We invite you to join us.

Sociology Priorities

Population research lab

Each year, the department loses several top graduate student candidates for funding reasons. Additional resources are needed to attract and enroll these top students, who provide an important bridge roll to faculty and undergraduates. These students catalyze new research, inspire their peers, and help teach undergraduate classes.